Sexist chauvinist pig: Duterte admits spanking bottoms of female cops

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    Clueless moron with no respect for women ...

    Not to mention that the fact that he does this and gets away with it is yet another indication of corruption at the very top.

    Duterte admits spanking bottoms of female cops

    28 Nov 2016

    Too many prohibitions in these “modern times” spoil the fun, President Duterte said on Saturday at the alumni homecoming of San Beda College of Law. He said he was the kind of person who liked to joke around even with members of his female security staff, whom he playfully spanks in the rear.

    Mr. Duterte made the observation after saying in jest that San Beda should have allowed female students during his time so that he would have done better in class, especially if the women were pretty.


    He is a person who likes to joke around, according to the President. “I like to joke around. The policewomen, I spank them on their bottoms in Malacañang if I’m ill-tempered. I get my folder and tell them, ‘you’re part of the problem,’” he said, demonstrating how he spanks them with a folder ... But he said he was aware if sexual harassment was taking place.

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