Promise to resign broken on arrival

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    With almost 4,000 people slaughtered and Rody transitioning into another dictator as he attempts to bring back the Constabulary and suspend habeas corpus, his resignation is already past due.

    Rody to resign if no improvement seen in Pinoys’ lives

    13 November 2016

    Barely five months into his six-year term, President Duterte is mulling over resigning if he feels nothing is coming out of his efforts to improve the lives of Filipinos. “If I cannot improve for even a few bars, notches above, the one thing for me to do is – this is for real – either I would resign or give it (presidency) to somebody else,” Duterte said.

    If he "gives" the presidency to someone else (which is not within his legal powers but I doubt that would stop him), the most likely beneficiary would be Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr., , who is as unrepentant as his father was.

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