Article PNP: 4,605 dead in drug war

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    The body count is now > 4600 and counting ...

    14 corrupt cops reassigned to Luzon & Mindinao? Wonderful, just pass the trash so they can spread corruption in their new assignment! The malignancy is self-perpetuating!

    PNP: 4,605 dead in drug war

    26 November 2016

    The Philippine National Police (PNP) reported yesterday that the government’s anti-drug war “Oplan Double Barrel” has resulted in the killing of 1,959 suspected drug pushers and addicts in police operations nationwide while 2,646 others were victims of summary execution as of Nov. 23, bringing the total to 4,605 dead since President Duterte took office in July. Bodies continue to pile up in the government’s brutal war against illegal drugs. Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos, PNP spokesman, citing an updated report, said that aside from those neutralized in legitimate police operations and summary executions or “salvaging,” some 37,449 drug suspects were also ...

    The PNP also reported yesterday, that from July 1 to Nov. 23, there were 2,646 deaths in the 3,370 different criminal activities that involved 3,658 victims. The rise of these unexplained deaths has been attributed to the continuing police crackdown on illegal drugs. There were reports that rogue cops involved in the illegal drug trade were themselves the brains behind these summary executions to cover their tracks.

    Critics also claimed that the PNP’s drug war has given policemen the green light to skirt the law in dealing with drug offenders and those with alleged involvement in other crimes. The PNP categorized this killing spree launched by unidentified suspects as Death Under Investigation (DUI). Carlos said 264 suspects have been arrested out of the 724 investigations involving 3,658 victims of 3,370 incidents.


    Nine police officials and five other police officers were linked to illegal drugs and have been relieved from the regional office and are now assigned in Mindanao and Luzon.

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