Article Impunity: Murder as Meme

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    Welcome to Manila, where torture is a joke, and murder is a hashtag.

    1 December 2016

    The first responder was sure there was at least one body – the naked curve of the back and the denim waistband showed just under the crumpled pile of garbage bags. What might have been another body was curled on the sidewalk, swathed in the same black plastic. The head was bound tight with a crosshatch of packing tape, and looked, from afar, like a goalie's helmet.

    They had been tossed along Calle Estacion in Pio del Pilar, Makati at dawn on Thursday, December 1. There were no CCTV cameras. What light was available came from the streetlights planted along the Arnaiz Skyway, curving three stories above the two-lane road.

    It was a little girl who first brought word. “A certain Mary Jane” had been asleep in the grass when the gunshots rang out at past one in the morning. She ran straight to a nearby village hall. The cops came running, through the pile of black bags spilling into the sidewalk. It might have been a bomb. They called for Makati’s Explosive Ordnance Dispersal team. The EOD came. They said there were bodies and were told they were bodies.

    The first responders drew chalk circles around the bullet casings scattered on the street. A sheet of paper had been left under the first body. It was maybe twenty minutes before a photographer flipped over a frame and zoomed into the inch-high letters.

    There was a collective gasp among the gathered press. One reporter began laughing. Someone shot a frame from another angle, and saw the hashtags scrawled before every word.





    The words, a grim parody of an internet meme on moving on from a relationship, was popular among the millennial set ...

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