Grifter-in-Chief to go after corrupt executives next

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    It takes one to know one ... wonder how many he'll have shot? And how many reputations he'll tarnish with mistakes in his "lists"?

    If you want to really go after corruption, start with yourself! You've admitted accepting accepting gifts of houses and vehicles, you've been accused of have thousands of ghost employees on the Davao payroll, and you are directly responsible for encouraging the murders of thousands without due process.

    Duterte to go after corrupt execs next

    28 November 2016

    Will President Duterte come up with a matrix of dishonest public officials this time? Reiterating his zero tolerance for corruption, the President is mulling over adopting his “shame campaign” against drug personalities to stem graft and corruption in the bureaucracy.

    Addressing the homecoming event of fellow graduates of the San Beda College of Law, Mr. Duterte said weeding out corruption was a campaign promise he intended to keep. “I said if I become president, I will do away with corruption in government and it will be. Believe me. I will really go after the corrupt. I am committed to it,” the President told his fellow Bedans.


    He said he would ask the public to send text messages and other information about erring government officials, which would be released publicly through the state-run People’s Television Network. “Never mind about libel and all,” the President said. “The people of the Philippines can just tune in and they would know the idiots who are corrupting this country.”

    Setting aside the principle of due process, Mr. Duterte said he was ready to “apologize every day” if anybody would be wrongfully accused.

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