Article Duterte wants military confined to camps today

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    When one has ordered the deaths of thousands of people -- perhaps now as many as 6,000 counting the Davao death squad killings as well as the current extermination program -- one will be forever looking over his shoulder.

    Sucking up to the Ferdinand Marcos crowd in a country that mostly hates their last dictator is not winning their next dictator any brownie points.

    Duterte wants military confined to camps today

    25 November 2016

    Amid rumors of a coup, President Duterte has ordered the military restricted to barracks during the Black Friday protests [Ferdinand Marcos burial protests] today ... Duterte ordered the military to stay put even after he revealed there were groups out to remove him from the presidency ... Along with his directive, Duterte barred Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) personnel from mingling with the crowd or the police, the primary agency tasked to maintain peace and order during rallies.

    “Consistent with these valued principles, let me assure you that while protest actions are being staged, our military forces will remain confined in their camps. They are restricted to be there in their proper places,” Duterte said.

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