Duterte: Forget about human rights

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    What human rights? He has already slaughtered thousands of people, even executing inmates awaiting trial in their jail cells and gunning them down 10 at once at a PNP road block.

    "On Friday, he warned ..." He also said that with habeas corpus suspended, he would dig a hole in a Davao park and throw the bodies in.

    Duterte is a psychopathic killer. Suspension of habeas corpus will only make it worse.

    Duterte says if Islamic State comes to Philippines, forget human rights

    14 November

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Monday that Islamic State militants driven out of Syria and Iraq could set up in his country, and if that happened he would forego human rights obligations to keep his people safe. Duterte said the southern Philippine province of Mindanao was already a hotbed of rebellion and banditry and he was worried about "looming terrorism" and an influx of extremists who could exploit the insecurity.

    "Once the terrorists of the Middle East are deprived of the land area, the real estate area where they can sleep ... they will wander to other places and they will come here and we have to prepare for that," he said during a speech at a law enforcement agency. "Remember, these guys, they do not have an iota of what is human rights, believe me. I will not just simply allow my people to be slaughtered for the sake of human rights, that's bullshit."


    On Friday, he warned that he may use his executive power to tackle lawlessness in the Philippines by suspending habeas corpus, a legal safeguard against arbitrary arrest and detention.


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