Double Barrel leaves 2,028 dead

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    Officially there are 2,208 dead in five months, which yields an annualized rate of 6,733 fatal shootings by Philippine police in drug operations. This does not count any shot by Philippine police in non-drug operations.

    By comparison, and with more than three times the population, American police are only involved in approximately 1,000 fatal shootings per year. This means that Philippine police are shooting people fatally more than 20 times as often as American police.

    These Philippine victims are not being shot because they are resisting arrest and shooting at the police.

    They are being summarily executed.

    Double Barrel leaves 2,028 dead

    4 December 2016

    Despite mounting criticism, the number of deaths in the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s anti-drug operations called “Oplan Double Barrel Alpha” continues to increase. Latest figures released by the PNP-Public Information Office showed that from 2,004 deaths between July 1 and Dec. 1, the number of deaths of suspected drug personalities went up to 2,028 as of yesterday, or 24 drug suspects killed in a span of three days. The PNP said the slain drug suspects refused to surrender peacefully and opted instead to fight it out with authorities.

    Alongside this figure are the summary executions of 2,777 drug personalities and other members of crime rings from July 1 to Nov. 30.

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