Article Dazed & confused in New Zealand

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    Dufus doesn't even know where he is! And he thinks he's going to help lead some kind of new "world order" with Russia & China?

    Duterte, in New Zealand, thanks Australia

    23 November 2016

    President Rodrigo Duterte twice mistakenly referred to New Zealand as "Australia" in his brief stopover in Auckland. Duterte was in New Zealand after attending the APEC Leaders' Summit in Lima, Peru. In a video posted by the NZ Herald, Duterte extended his warm wishes to Filipinos. "I'd like to extend my warm wishes to all Filipinos and of course, the Australians (sic), who are hosting us here," Duterte said. "First, I'd like to thank the Australian government... sorry the New Zealand government and the people, the citizens for hosting us in a manner that befits a brother Asian," he added. ...

    He also described the claims of Marcos being a dictator as lacking documentation and a "political issue between two families." "They say he was a despot, a dictator, and so that could disqualify him (from being interred at LNMB) you know, you have to have some documentation and everything and to now, it remains to be a political issue between two families," he said. The Marcoses have lost at least four landmark cases in court with regard to the barbaric dictatorship and their ill-gotten wealth. Hundreds of books and movies have also documented the Marcos dictatorship and its victims.

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