Chameleon time: The new anti-killing Rody

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    Faced with the apparent emergence of a new democracy movement angered over the burial of Marcos and also expressing concern over the thousands of unsolved killings, Rody would recast himself as a saint opposed to killing (interrupted, of course) by a few more threats to kill people.

    “This is a matter of survival for my country. I’m really very sorry to all. I’m not sorry for the decision but I’m sorry for those who were hit,” the president said.

    Never mind. Guess he's not so sorry after all.

    Rody on EJK: It’s unmanly

    12 December 2016

    Faced with allegations that he ordered the execution of several drug suspects, President Duterte denied yesterday that the government endorses extrajudicial killings, which he described as a “dirty job” and “unmanly.” Duterte, whose crackdown on narcotics has left thousands dead, said there have been killings even before the 2016 elections. “With regard to drugs, forgive me but I really cannot lose momentum here. I will address the problem of extrajudicial killings. It’s not our job, believe me,” Duterte said during the Belenismo event in Tarlac yesterday. “We do not do that. It’s a dirty job. Saka para kang di lalaki ...

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