Accessory to crimes & police corruption: Duterte promises to pardon corrupt cops

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  1. Diablo

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    In other words, he will institutionalize police corruption at the highest levels.

    Duterte vows plenty of pardons for cops in drug war

    18 July 2016

    President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday renewed his promise to help every policeman engaged in the war on drugs as long as they do not fabricate evidence ... "I will hear you and if you're telling the truth, sabihin mo ako, utos ni Mayor." Citing a provision in the Constitution regarding the President's power to pardon, Duterte said he will absolve law enforcers who would be penalized for anti-narcotics efforts ... "I will not hesitate to pardon 10, 15 military and policemen every day."

    The President said he will even pardon himself for his campaign to suppress crime nationwide.
  2. Diablo

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    He's already forgotten the requirement "that they do not fabricate evidence", in light of the before & after photographs showing the executed Mayor Rolando Espinosa, Sr., in his jail cell with and without the planted gun (and other discrepancies).

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