Article 30 people killed daily in 167 days under Duterte

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    30 people killed daily in 167 days under Duterte

    15 December 2016

    An average of 30 people have been killed daily in the past 167 days under the Duterte administration’s intensified campaign against criminality, especially the illegal drug trade. Records from the Philippine National Police (PNP) showed 2,102 drug pushers and users killed after allegedly fighting it out with police, and 2,886 others getting killed under sketchy circumstances and whose cases are listed as “death under investigation” or DUI. The reported deaths totaled 4,988 in less than six months. The PNP National Operations Center (NOC) also reported that a total of 40,932 drug pushers and users were arrested from July 1 to ...

    While President Duterte has claimed an average of two policemen getting killed daily in the campaign against illegal drugs, PNP records showed only 19 law enforcers killed and 55 others wounded since July 1. Last July, PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa claimed common crimes like murder, homicide, rape and robbery have declined due to an intensified drive against criminality. Dela Rosa vowed to keep up the momentum of the campaign against illegal drugs to ensure greater public safety.

    EJK probe body: Meanwhile, Sen. Panfilo Lacson suggested yesterday to President Duterte the creation of a task group to investigate extrajudicial killings and pursue their perpetrators. Lacson said the formation of such a special group would make Duterte’s assertion that he was against summary executions credible to the public. The senator proposed a special composite team of intelligence and investigative personnel from the PNP, National Bureau of Investigation and the Armed Forces “to vigorously address and solve the almost 4,000 DUIs or vigilante-style killings and subsequently put a stop to other similar incidents.” “Then and only then will we believe ...
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